What we do

We are a boutique agency and mainly serve midsize companies. We invest time and dedication to offer you a personalized and unique service, providing superior quality in a differentiated language.

For big events, we count with our associates formed by renowned companies and professionals that have the same philosophy we do. 

Check out some of our key services by clicking on the categories below:

Temporary architecture

(If you know what you want, you want to do well and look for theright partnership)

Exhibiting at trade shows and conducting international events is, for all involved, a unique opportunity.A focused, consistent and remarkable corporate presentation is a powerful communication and marketing tool for any company that bets on its future.So if you're aware of the importance of these points and you are looking for a company to run your project, we are the perfect partner. We have over a decade of experience in the international market, especially with Brazilian companies.

We offer the solution for each case with maximum efficiency, joining commitment, creativity, technical expertise and quality, so you can get the most out of each presentation.


Planning and business consulting

(If you know where you want to go, but don’t know how to get there)

More than a decade of work in the creation and production areas of cultural events, corporate and exhibition fairs has made us able to identify the changes necessary to establish a corporate image that will serve as a tool to translate the philosophy of your business into a universal and contemporary language. 

If you have just started in the international market or realized the need to modernize your image, we provide consulting services, visual communication and prepare your presentation. We submerge into the world of your product and understand how your company, institution or country should express themselves visually to reach the target audience.


Production and organization of events

Thanks to the responsibilities required by our clients over the years and the challenge of fulfilling them with maximum efficiency, we reached expertise in several disciplines.Such disciplines are fundamental to the realization of successful projects, whether they are smaller or larger, dealing with all types of different subjects.

Currently interdisciplinarity is commonplace in our daily lives. And it truly is our strong point.

We offer concepts and solutions, both on the technical and creative side of the different areas related to events, temporary architecture and design.Through partnerships, we are connected to a vast international network of senior professionals in various fields.We operate in Central Europe, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and other South American countries, South Africa and Australia.Tell us what you need and we’ll show the way.


Graphic design and corporate communications

To strengthen the message that your company wants to convey to the modern world, it is often essential to reshape its philosophy and unify the different areas of visual expression.

Our work includes image development to enrich your presentation, graphic design for the packaging your product or creating a new concept of branding to modernize your business.We seek unique solutions and present professional and amazing results.